Armed with guidebooks, brochures and a hostel reservation, Maura and I found ourselves on O’Connell Street headed towards the tourist center last Friday afternoon. Although there is many an O’ Connell street in the lovely land of Ire, we were in fact on the most famous of them all- we were in the center of Dublin! And we were ready to take on the city. Initially, we decided to purchase the oh-so-valuable Dublin Pass, which is essentially an all access pass to the city’s attractions. (Now this may seem like a useless bit of information, but it is essential in my story later on).

Ready to take on Dublin!

            We checked into our hostel, the lovely Jacob’s Inn, located just a few minutes’ walk from the Dublin bus station and headed off towards our first city attraction: A Pub Crawl! Now, since this whole blog is for school credit and since it is being reviewed by my Academic Advisor, and, since most of our travel tips come from our English-teachin’ former rowing coach, I will let all of you know that, it was, in fact, The Dublin Literary Pub Crawl. It was run by two professional actors who acted out bits and pieces from Irish literary works as we walked around the Trinity College and Temple Bar area, weaving through a handful of historical pubs. At the conclusion of the tour, Maura and I duked it out with this Californian couple (East Coast .v West Coast!!) for the literary pub crawl quiz and the literary pub crawl prize. Alas, we lost to the West Coast-ers by a hair, but don’t worry, folks, Maura still won a complementary nip of whiskey! We hung out in our favorite of the pubs, O’Neil’s, for a few hours while sipping- uh…soda- and then headed back to the hostel.

Hostel Numero Uno

On the topic of hostels. Let me start by saying that I have learned, in the last 6 weeks, that I lived a very pampered travel life. Mom and Dad, you have spoiled me. I am, in fact, terribly domesticated. And, I am not too proud to admit, I like hotels. Hotels with big, comfy beds and plush, cozy comforters. The idea of a hostel terrified me. Perhaps it was the exhaustion of traveling, perhaps it was that “soda” at the pub, or perhaps it really wasn’t as bad as I was convincing myself it was, but I slept just fine and dandy for our two nights at the Jacob’s Inn Hostel, and, although I will still yearn for hotels, I think I can survive a few more hostels.