Sunday involved another ambitious early rise with the intention of attending mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Although it was a valid attempt indeed, we did not make it to the Cathedral on time due to a) difficulty finding proper buses b) My slightly problematic inability to read a map (Maura took over after a bit) c) a massive swarm of Garda that forced us to take a detour d) great difficulty in finding the actual entrance to the Cathedral. Regardless, we still had a lovely morning walk, walked the exterior perimeter of St. Pat’s and made it to our next destination with plenty of time to spare.

 Saint Patrick’s Cathedral!

            And what, I am sure you ask yourself, could that destination possibly be? DUBLINIA!!!!! The interactive medieval Dublin and Viking museum! We were the first ones in the door, which gave us the ability to try on all the Viking helmets and medieval activities free from the judgment of other adults that are not as fortunate as Maura and I to be in touch with their inner child’s.

Knight helmet!Dublinia and Christ Cathedral

              Dublina conveniently connects via an overhead bridge to Christ Cathedral, so guess where we went next?! After sufficiently touring Dublinia, we awaited the opening of the Cathedral then took the grand tour. It was a very cool little tour indeed.  After this point, Maura and I began to lose steam. Having packed an arsenal of nutrigrain bars in attempt to spend the whole day touring without wasting time for trivial things like food, we thought we could make it to 6 pm when we caught the bus home. But we were wearing thin. Alas, great touristing crusaders that we are, we pressed on.