Nice was Nice… nice stop for the weary travelers

            The trek to Nice from Rome was an all day endeavor, but a day spent entirely on a train was a welcome break for the tired traveling twosome. We went through Monaco and saw Monte Carlo from a distance, but the entire ride hugged the cost, so the views were gorgeous the whole time. We had booked a hotel in Nice that someone had recommended to us, the Hotel Stars, which was pretty close to the train station, so the walk wasn’t too bad. After the day on the train, we found a grocery store and had a delicious dinner complete with instant deserts, and discovered that there was an English channel on the TV!

outdoor market in Nice

            The day we spent in Nice was fairly inconsequential. Not being in the mood for sightseeing per say, we just wandered around, drank coffee, sat on the boardwalk of the French Riviera and soaked up the sunshine (through our long sleeve shirts, it would appear that we were a wee bit too early in the seeing for sun tanning weather. The temperature may have stopped us, but there were still brave wave-goers who chanced the waters and provided us with something to watch.) We ate ice cream at yet another place recommended by Rick Steves, forgoing the exotic flavors of olive and tomato basil for caramel and dark chocolate. We wandered in and out of shops and spent a while in the outdoor market. We took a handful of photographs, but really didn’t do much of consequence. Nice was sort of the resting point and, as Maura and I have taken to describing it, “Nice was Nice” and that was about it. I can’t base my opinion of France off of the little bit that we saw – but I think we got the taste test and perhaps one day I’ll venture back to France to try the whole three course meal, so to speak.

Olive, Avacado, Tomato Basil and Rosemary Gelato... apparently they have a few flavors the B&R missed in their 31...

French Riviera